NAAC Accreditation and Assessment Cycles 

NAAC Accreditation Cycle-3 

Criterion-wise DVV filled on the basis of inputs from the Departments/ Research Centres and other units of the University

Drafts of DVV for Internal Review and Verification

These documents are for internal review and verification by various functional units of the University. If some data is not correctly mentioned or there is some inconsistency between the data provided by the Departments and what has been mentioned in the DVV, please inform.

1. DVV for Criterion - 1 (Download)

2. DVV for Criterion - 2 (Download)

3. DVV for Criterion - 3 (Download)

4. DVV for Criterion - 4 (Download)

5. DVV for Criterion - 5 (Download)

6DVV for Criterion - 6 (Download)

7. DVV for Criterion - 7 (Download)

The following attachments can be used by the Departments for their needful.