Message from the Chief Coordinator

Continuous quality assessment and improvement lies at the heart of prosperous individuals and institutions. Quality assurance in the context of a university system comprises of all the policies, practices, approaches and resources that are deployed to give assurance about the care and control with which teaching, research and administration is conducted. To make University of Kashmir an institution of academic as well as administrative excellence, it is important that all of its constituent departments and centres endeavour to assess their contribution with reference to globally competitive benchmarks and highest possible standards. In this context, the DIQA encourages all the stakeholders of this prestigious institution to share responsibility in order to ensure that academics and other allied activities are undertaken in conformity with the preamble and mission of the University. The DIQA as a statutory watchdog would leave no stone unturned to accelerate the march of this University to surpass newer milestones. Our endeavour is to create an enabling environment wherein the best practices in teaching, research and extension are encouraged, and where the best brains across diversity of specializations cross fertilize ideas and share experiences with one another for the overall quality enhancement. I solicit valuable suggestions, constructive criticism and kind cooperation from all the fellow colleagues of teaching fraternity, research scholars, students and members of non-teaching/administrative staff of the University to successfully help us undertake the challenge of quality assurance. With our collective wisdom and sense of responsibility there would be no limit to what we can achieve in the arena of academic excellence so long we are really in love with the idea of critical self-introspection and institutional perfection.