DIQA Provides following Services
  • Evaluation of teachers for promotions and appointment under UGC PGAS.
  • Prepared a web based portal for faculty members and Departments to upload their academic and research activities and the same data is been used in various activities of the University. The faculty members has been given a specific user name and password to upload their individual academic and research contribution. 
  • Conducting studnet feedback on teachers and quality of teaching.
  • Presenting University for ranking under various frameworks
  • Publcation of Univrsity Annual Report and Annual Quality Assurance Report
  • Coordinating GIAN Programme
  • Conducting All India Survey on Higher Education and uploading statistical data on AISHE portal every year, besides providing training to college Nodal Officers in order to upload their statistical data on AISHE web portal.
  • Presenting University for NAAC accreditation and assessment and recently University has been awarded grade A+ by NAAC peer team who visited University in May 2019.