Plan of Action and Achievement:

Plan of Action


Setting benchmark indices for assessment of quality indicators

The management information system (MIS) has been successfully implemented for assessing the quality indicators.

Revision   of Performance Based Assessment Scheme (PBAS) for the faculty of University of Kashmir.

DIQA has revived the Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS). With the PBAS, the institute evaluates faculty members on their teaching and research performance. The institute has instituted Best Teacher Award given on the basis of student and peer feedback. The evaluation of student feedback helps the faculty member in improving upon the teaching pedagogy and also motivates the faculty members for doing better research work and publication.

Focus on Faculty Development Programmes with laid emphasis on Visiting Professors from international and national levels.

DIQA has impressed upon various departments and research centers to organize maximum number of faculty development programmes which resulted in the organization of 21 faculty development programmes for the year.

Introduction of new courses with focus on Entrepreneurial Development Programmes.

A number of certificate entrepreneurial programmes e.g.  Repairing of Mobile Phones, Solar cookers, Laptops, transformers have been introduced by the institute to enable the students to have an edge over their professional degrees and to be suited in the outside market.

DIQA Web Portal as information repository of the University of Kashmir.


With the implementation of e-governance project many governance issues are being addressed electronically. The inception of DIQA web portal has brought all the departments /faculties/sections/ Centers under one umbrella to update their information.

Online submission of information for Annual Report and AQAR for all Departments and individual faculty members introduced in 2013 was amended in order to be more user friendly and comprises all vital implication and indexes. The link is available on University website: and DIQA Portal

 Publications of  University of Kashmir by DIQA


·         Annual Report

·         Annual Quality Assurance Report as per the guidelines prescribed by the NAAC


·         DIQA Profile

·         Statistical Digest

·  Prepared and published Annual Report and AQAR for the year 2013 and for 2014 the publications are in process. The report highlighted the major activities carried out by the University and reflects various recommendations and cites examples of good practice.

·  Prepared and published AQAR (Annual Quality Assurance Report) an insistence of NAAC that reflects, in a nutshell, all inclusive and informative deets with broader spectrum of knowledge transfer part of university resources and activities.

·  Prepared and published the 13th Edition of the Kashmir University Statistical Digest, a dual statistical information brochure for the year 2011 and 2012 in which university resources, enrolment, examinations, budgetary provisions stands reflected and chronicled.

·  Revived the Process of monitoring of teaching quality through assessment of teachers by the students and in this connection feedback from final semester students in respect of their teachers was secured at the end of the semester.

Implementation NAAC Recommendations

Follow up action has been taken on the recommendations made by NAAC Peer Team during their visit to the University for reaccreditation in the year 2011, some of which have been already implemented by the University and rest are in pipeline and are expected to be fully addressed before the next re-accreditation visit.

AISHE (All India Survey of Higher Education)

·  Uploaded successfully DCF I of the University of Kashmir on AISHE portal containing information of 2012-13 and 2013-14.

·  Sensitized all affiliated and constituent colleges for filling up DCF II for colleges for All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) to imbibe the authority to have a first class information about college enrolment, courses etc in the country.