Directorate of Internal Quality Assurance (DIQA)



To institutionalize the process of quality assessment and improvement in teaching, research and administration with reference to globally set benchmarks via inclusive growth and contribution by all the stakeholders to make the University an institution of academic excellence.



  • Augmentation of quality, both academic and administrative, through critical self appraisal and standard external evaluation.
  • To conduct peer reviews and consistent feedback from all the stakeholders, especially students, in order to stimulate academic environment of teaching-learning and research vis-à-vis globally set benchmarks.
  • To extend the network of collaboration with the individuals and institutions of excellence nationally and internationally and foster the culture of quality research in cutting edge areas across   the disciplines.
  • To document and divulge quality and reliable information to its stake holders and policy making agencies for appropriate decision making and deployment of resources to improve institutional functioning.

Advisory Body:

Under the chairmanship of Vice-Chancellor, DIQA is guided by the Advisory Committee constituted as per the NAAC recommendation. The Committee helps to generate and promote awareness and work out procedural details for bringing in qualitative changes in teaching-learning process, research and administrative setup as well as in planning and development of DIQA. It also guides in creating methodological framework for evaluation and promotion of the activities of faculty and administration.


Networking of DIQA at Departmental level (DIQAU):

To give representative character for effective monitoring, management, organization and assessment, each Department/ Centre/ Satellite Campus/ Administration/ Examination, etc. elects one of the teachers /officers as the Nodal Officer for consolidation of Departmental activities and coordination with DIQA. Each such Department / Centre, etc. has a unit called Departmental Internal Quality Assurance Unit, DIQAU that plays a pivotal role in implementing policies for quality enhancement. Each DIQAU has maximum of seven members consisting of Nodal Officer, 3 faculty members, one representative each of scholars and students working under the chairmanship of HOD/Director. It helps in organizing academic and extracurricular programmes, extension lectures, workshops, seminars, etc. and encourages younger scholars and students to promote and adopt sustainable initiatives for value based quality education. The Nodal Officer establishes coordination among all stakeholders like students, scholars, faculty, administration, etc for promotion and management of quality education.


Plans for 2016

The plan of action chalked out by the DIQA in beginning of the year towards quality enhancement:

  • To prepare the institution for reaccreditation by the NAAC.
  • To initiate the process of preparation of the Departmental profile by the constituent Departments and Centres of the University.
  • To obtain the student feedback online in a more transparent and convincing way.
  • To improve the online submission process of AQAR format and involve all the Sections / Units of the University in this process.
  • To institutionalize the process of assessment of teachers for direct recruitment and promotions under CAS on fast track basis.
  • To strengthen the collaboration network nationally and internationally via more effective MOUs. 
  • To develop international linkages and tie-ups for exchange of faculty and students.